The company constantly strives to realise its mission and vision grounded in making an effective contribution to the development of its distinctive services at a high level of quality across all its operations and medical services. It also endeavours to ensure that its patients receive the required treatment at the hands of some of the most skilled doctors and specialised researchers in university hospitals, as well as medical clinics and centres.

Milo Medical Technology and Services may become the principal and preferred partner for the provision of exceptional medical services and care, by all standards, amongst Arab states.

The company pays particular attention and care to establishing mutual cooperation with its counterparts in the Arab States, in order to contribute to the transfer of modern technologies and techniques.

  • The building, preparation, possession, leasing, operation and administration of hospitals, clinics, treatment and diagnostic centres, laboratories and medical units locally and abroad.
  • Importing and installation of equipment and devices for all medical specialisms.
  • Providing technical support to medical units through the provision of maintenance works for all types of medical equipment and devices.
  • Preparing consultations and technical studies in medical and therapeutic fields via German medical expertise.
  • Participating with third parties in joint investment activities within the field of medical services in other countries.
  • Organising various training courses in the field of managing and operating medical equipment and devices.
  • Organising comprehensive training courses for doctors, medical assistants, nurses and medical institutions, as well as courses in medical administration.
  • Providing treatment and therapeutic services within the Republic of Germany.
  • Providing physiotherapy services, including rehabilitation.
  • Organising exhibitions and specialised seminars in the fields of medical research relating to the activities and objectives of the company.